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Welcome to the website programmingwithajay.com. programmingwithajay.com help beginner and experienced programmers who want to start a career in web development or learn web development technologies or languages.

My name is Ajay Kumar and I am a Web Developer. I have five-plus years of working experience in web development. I have worked with several MVC and CMS in PHP and some other technologies. Please have a look at my articles and give me your feedback and reviews and ask queries if you have any. Your feedback and reviews both are important to me.

I am offering you code and examples with full descriptions for your better understanding. So that, you can find easy and quick solutions to your problem.

I will try to provide relevant, useful content and make sure of the quality of the content. Also, try to make simple, easy examples for you. In case the website breaks links or any error in the code, I highly appreciate it from you, if you would inform me.

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